The IFM Training Team spent 18 months completely reviewing and revising the Certificate Course. Following this process we are now confident that we have a course that is fit for purpose and reflects current practices within the fishery management and fish production sector. The course has 7 new units with individual manuals and supporting materials. Students need to choose 6 units from the list and must pass all of them in order to achieve the course. The pass mark is 50% for all units.

All materials are now electronic and will be sent to you on an IFM memory stick for you to use as necessary. The assessment strategy is also new and improved. We have done away with the need for students to attend exams. The assessments for each unit will now take the form of open book essays, these are sometimes referred to as time constrained assignments (TCA’s). There will be 2 assessments each year. The first of these will be in January and the second in June. All 4 core units are assessed in January with the remainder in June. You can choose to take just 3 or all 4 of the core units.

On the allotted date and time you will be sent via email the assessments for each unit. You will then have a set time in which to complete and return, again by email, the completed assessments. There will be time guidance for each question and you can use any research materials necessary to complete the questions. Once you have been enrolled on the course you will have 2 years in which to complete it. All students enrolling on the course will also receive 1 year’s membership to the IFM; this will entitle them to full members benefits including 4 copies of FISH magazine, monthly newsletters and discounts on other IFM courses, products and events. There is also the IFM branch network which regularly run events and is also a great opportunity to network with other like minded people. There is also an annual Certificate Field Course Weekend held in March of each year near Loughborough. There is an additional charge for this but the course is offered at cost price to make it as cheap as possible.

The 7 units that we now offer are below:

  1. Water Quality (Core)
  2. Freshwater and Fish Biology (Core)
  3. Fish Culture and Husbandry (Core)
  4. Fishery Law (Core)
  5. Enforcement
  6. Angling and Recreation
  7. Fisheries Maintenance, Improvement and Monitoring.

The course fees for 2017/18 are £390

If you would like an further information on the course please contact Iain Turner on REMINDER –   The next IFM Certificate exams will be taking place on Saturday 10th June 2017. These exams will test your knowledge of the modules Fisheries Enforcement, Angling and Recreation and Fisheries Maintenance and Improvement. You will need to take papers on two of these subjects, please make a note of this date in your diaries.