Diploma Course

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This is at a more advanced standard and provides the level of knowledge required by persons employed in positions such as area fisheries managers in the water industry. The course extends over two years, with freshwater biology, fisheries management, fishery law & administration and environmental management covered in one year, and fish husbandry, fish disease, water quality and recreation and amenity in the other year.

Short field courses are held each year and completion of a project, tutor marked assessments as well as passes in the exams are required for award of the Diploma.

The course has been running for over 20 years and is an excellent way to gain a high degree of knowledge and experience whilst still working. The course tutors are all industry experts with many years experience in the field.

The course materials were re-written for 2013 and new handbooks and supporting materials are now available. All materials are now electronic and are supplied on both a memory stick and also through file sharing websites. We have also amended the exam procedure and exams will now be combined papers of 2 or 2.5 hours.

The IFM Mentor Scheme.

For those students who feel they would benefit from a little extra help on assessments, exams or the project we can offer you the services of an IFM mentor. The mentors are all experienced professional people with a wealth of knowledge in the  fishery management profession. We envisage that correspondence with the mentors will be via email and they will initially be on hand to help with the assessments, as well as advice on suitable project topics.

Note that enrolment to the course starts in October and applications must be received by 30 September.

Our minimum requirements for students enrolling on this course is a Level 3 (A level) qualification and some fisheries experience.

Please note that due to the entry requirements all people wishing to apply for the Diploma must initially contact Iain Turner at iain.turner@ifm.org.uk

Course Fees

The course fees for each year are released in July. These can be paid in either one lump sum or split over the two years of the course.

Please note fees for each year must be paid in advance of the start date.

For further details on the course, please contact the Diploma Course Manager Andy Hindes on diploma@ifm.org.uk
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