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This is a great course for anyone who wishes to achieve a higher level of learning

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What is it?

This course, like the Certificate, is done by distance learning and designed to fit in with work and family life. Most of our students are in full time work.

This is at a more advanced level to the IFM Certificate Course and provides the level of knowledge required by persons employed in positions such as fishery officers, fisheries managers or water bailiffs. The course extends over two years, with freshwater biology, fisheries management, fishery law and environmental management covered in one year, and fish husbandry, fish disease, water quality and recreation and amenity in the other year.

Taking the course

There are 2 short weekend field courses which are usually held in the October of each year. These provide the students with some practical experience of topics such as seine netting and electric fishing, as well as the opportunity to meet other students and the IFM team.

In order to pass the course a student must complete all of the unit assessments, submit a project and field course work as well as achieve a pass in all exams.

The course has been running for over 30 years and is an excellent way to gain a high degree of knowledge and experience whilst still working. The course tutors are all industry experts with many years experience in the field.

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The course materials are reviewed annually and are now produced in electronic format and come supplied on a memory stick along with a range of supporting materials.

We have recently amended the exam procedure so that exams are now open book style and are taken at home on the designated day. This removes the requirement for students to travel to exam centres though the exams themselves are no less challenging.

Our minimum requirements for students enrolling on this course are a Level 3 (A level, IFM Certificate) qualification and some fisheries experience.

IFM Mentor scheme

IFM Training is looking for willing volunteers to take on the role of student mentors for students taking on the challenges of the IFM Diploma and Certificate courses. Our Mentors are a crucial element of our course offer and provide support and guidance to students who may be returning to education after many years. If you would like to join us the details can be found here

Students on our courses are also eligible to apply for a National Union of Students Extra card entitling them to discounts at over 170 retailers.

Course fees

The course fees for each year are released in July. These can be paid in either one lump sum or split over the two years of the course.

Please note fees for each year must be paid in advance of the start date.

Course fees are currently £650 per year.

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