SHOAL have just released the second of their annual edition New Species reports. New Species 2022¬†highlights the 201 freshwater fish species that were described in 2022, including some frankly terrifying-sounding vampire catfishes with names like Satan, Daemon and Vampyra, an eel loach that popped out of the showerhead when somebody was taking a wash, and a rather beautiful ‘black tiger’.¬†

Most of the species can be found in South America (43.8%) and Asia (33.8%), an unsurprising figure considering the incredible fish diversity in those regions, and the amount of research being done there. This stacks up closely with last year, when 44.3% of the freshwater fishes described were from South America, and 38.7% were from Asia.

The report also showcases four researchers who work tirelessly to discover and describe new species of freshwater fish, helping shine a light on them and highlight the threats they face, giving them a much greater chance of survival. 

The report is below and more details can be found on the SHOAL website