IFM Report on the 2023 NASCO Meeting



Written by Nigel Milner (IFM Observer)

Nigel represents the Institute at NASCO as a member of the Non-Governmental Group (NGO). This is a group of 45 NGOs through which the IFM has a formal observer representation.

The headlines of the report are:

  1. ICES assessment for 2023 shows that salmon stocks remain in poor condition. ICES advice, remains that no harvest is permissible in interceptory fisheries, or in individual rivers unless stocks exceed the Conservation Limit.
  2. Regulatory measures for the Faroes and West Greenland fisheries. No change from last year. WG catch was 28.93mt (vs quota of 27mt)
  3. Salmon by-catch in marine fisheries (inshore and offshore) is now a high profile topic, control decisions are hampered by limited monitoring and assessment data.
  4. The Theme-Based Special Session on Climate Change made numerous recommendations to NASCO to improve messaging, engagement with and managing climate impacts on salmon.
  5. The NASCO External Performance Review (EPR) reported, making 46 recommendations, including several made by IFM and wider NGO Group during the consultation stage.
  6. NASCO is considering EPR recommendations through a Working Group on the Future of NASCO to report in 2024 on revised strategy, a NASCO Action Plan focussed on salmon conservation, recovery and restoration (shifting from previous focus on high sea fisheries management).
  7. A Special Session on Indigenous Peoples and Atlantic salmon was hugely influential and hopefully marks a sea change in their participation in NASCO.
  8. Iceland to rejoin NASCO fully by 2024.

The full report can be read below