Challenges and Opportunities for Resilient Fresh, Transitional and Coastal Waters - Call for Papers

An IFM Specialist Conference

Future Inn, Bristol, 22-23 May 2024

Call for Papers

The conference aims to provide a forum for scientists, researchers, regulators, practitioners and other related groups, to present the latest data, initiatives and projects around the themes of challenges and opportunities for resilient freshwater, transitional and coastal waters.

The aims of the conference will centre around:

  • Providing a platform for sharing latest research / management interventions on opportunities and issues for fish and the aquatic environment
  • Provide an opportunity for discussion to share learning and identify where understanding and research may be lacking.
  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services and their potential benefits for fish and the aquatic environment
  • Highlighting examples of successful stakeholder collaboration
  • Identifying current threats to the aquatic environment and the work being done to manage and mitigate them. 
  • Future challenges and opportunities facing the aquatic environment 

The organising committee would welcome submissions under the following subject areas:

  • Agriculture, forestry and land use interactions with aquatic environments 
  • Protected species 
  • Aquatic alien and invasive species 
  • Natural capital and ecosystem services 
  • Public engagement and citizen science 
  • Biodiversity Net Gain
  • Green/Blue Finance
  • Catchment management 
  • Monitoring change 
  • SUDS and urban water management projects 
  • Climate change impacts 
  • Improving aquatic system resilience
  • Policy and regulation 

All abstracts should include the following information in this order: 

  • Title of the paper, 
  • Authors’ full names with presenter’s name highlighted, 
  • Affiliation and country of origin for each co-author, 
  • Full address of the presenting author, 
  • Email address of the presenting author, 
  • 100 – 200 word abstract on the paper’s content, 
  • Preference for an oral or poster presentation. 

Presentations will be 20 minutes in length with a panel Q&A with the speakers at the end of each session. 

The Steering Group will review all submissions and will aim to ensure a good balance of topics and geographic areas. If requests for oral presentations are oversubscribed a poster presentation may be offered instead. 

All submissions and enquiries should be sent directly to the conference administrator at [email protected]

No presenting author should submit more than one oral presentation request but may submit multiple poster presentation requests. 

Presenters will be required to register for the conference. 

Closing date for submissions – 29th February 2024