Welsh Rivers - Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations

The Welsh Branch of the Institute along with our colleagues at Afonydd Cymru has long been concerned about the deterioration in the state of Wales’ rivers and  there is mounting evidence that the health of our rivers continues to decline. The latest State of Natural Resources Report 2020 published by Natural Resources Wales reveals that 66% of water bodies are failing to achieve Good Ecological Status under the Water Framework Directive, the majority of freshwater Special Areas of Conservation features are in unfavourable condition and continued widespread agricultural diffuse pollution has resulted in elevated nutrient and sediment loadings in our freshwaters.

On the 3rd March there will be a Annulment debate in the Senedd on the Agricultural Pollution Regulations.

The measures outlined in the new Regulations are both necessary and needed now if we are to prevent further deterioration to our rivers and their biodiversity and to avoid detrimental impact to our rural communities, tourism and the many users of our water environment.

Our rivers are a vital resource upon which all life depends.  

Wales Environment Link have produced a very good guide to the regulations and why they are so important which you can download below

We are asking all IFM Welsh Branch Members as well as anyone else with an interest in rivers and the environment as a whole to contact their MS as soon as possible and ask them to support these regulations.