Certificate Course

The Certificate Course is the leading distance learning course in fisheries management in the UK

Full details including registration information is available here

The certificate in Fisheries Management provides knowledge to the level required by people aspiring to employment as a technical assistant, water/fishery bailiff or assistant fishery manager in the water industry, or similar positions in commercially run fisheries. It also provides a sound knowledge base for persons interested in running their own fisheries, or who contribute to the management of fisheries for angling clubs and associations. The course is organised on a modular basis, and assessed by exams held in January and June of each year.

The course is set at level 3 which is equivalent to the A level in England.

On completion of the course students are eligible to progress on to the IFM Diploma which starts in October of each year.

For more information on the courses please contact our Development Officer, Iain Turner at iain.turner@ifm.org.uk or call 0845 3887012