IFM Training


welshbranch1The IFM Training Team have developed a range of distance learning courses as well as specialist one and two day courses in various subjects.

Our short course portfolio includes:

  • Electric fishing
  • Estuarine and marine fish identification and monitoring
  • Biosecurity for fisheries
  • Freshwater fish identification
  • Effective engineering in fisheries
  • Fishery management

Our distance learning courses have been running for over 20 years and include the one year Certificate and two year Diploma courses.

Our new Certificate Course has now been running for over three years and has proven to be very popular with well over 200 students enrolling in this period. We will continue to review this course annually to ensure that it reflects changes in the industry. The Certificate course now also includes a practical skills weekend that is held each spring.

We continue to run the highly regarded Diploma in Fisheries Management. This qualification is recognised by many employers and entitles their holder to professional status within the Institute. The Institute also publishes a free booklet detailing the possible paths for someone seeking a career in fisheries within the UK. We also run other courses and workshops where you’ll need to attend in person. These are aimed at filling particular skills gaps and are not normally part of a further structured qualification.

IFM Mentor Scheme

IFM Training is looking for willing volunteers to take on the role of student mentors for students taking on the challenges of the IFM Diploma and Certificate courses. Our Mentors are a crucial element of our course offer and provide support and guidance to students who may be returning to education after many years. If you would like to join us the details can be found here

Students on our courses are also eligible to apply for a National Union of Students Extra card entitling them to discounts at over 170 retailers.

If you have any other training enquiries please email 

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