Take a Friend Fishing

More opportunity than ever for angling success.

A new angle for your Easter Holiday 

To access the Take a Friend Fishing initiative during the Easter break between Saturday 1st of April and Sunday 16thof April (inclusive), existing fishing licence holders can register for a FREE one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk and take someone they know fishing.

Get Involved with Angling This Summer

To make the most of Take a Friend Fishing and National Fishing Month events during the summer holidays, between Saturday 29th of July and Sunday 3rd of September (inclusive), existing fishing licence holders can register for a FREE one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk and introduce a friend to fishing.

With the pressures of modern life, physical health and mental wellbeing are more important than ever. The experience of a fishing trip together with a work colleague, family member, partner or just a mate, offers the ideal opportunity to unwind and recharge your battery, whilst being active at the same time. Find out more at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk/#faqs  

Getting outside in the countryside is a great way to be together with family and friends and angling is the perfect fit for staying active outdoors, especially if you are staying in England or Wales this summer. There are many fisheries near to where you live that are perfect to visit for a catch-up with a friend during a quick Take a Friend Fishing trip together. Find out about where you can fish safely at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk/#faqs

Registering for a free one-day fishing licence couldn’t be easier. 

Simply visit  www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk/register-free-friend-fishing-licence/ select the date of your fishing trip, enter some basic information about you and your friend, and away you go!

The free fishing licence will be sent with a confirmation email, so please remember to have your fishing licence and both people’s email addresses plus a few other details handy when you pre-register to Take a Friend Fishing.

Take a Friend Fishing is an initiative run by Angling Trades Association in association with the Environment Agency and supported by Angling TrustCanal & River Trust and many other angling organisations. Take a Friend Fishing opens up the world of angling to people from all age groups and communities, giving the opportunity for anglers and non-anglers alike, at all levels of ability, the chance to get into fishing or back into fishing after time away.

In 2022 over 6,000 people registered to take part in Take a Friend Fishing. Now Take a Friend Fishing is back with an extended programme that gives the biggest window of opportunity yet to anglers, non-anglers and those thinking about reconnecting with the pastime they once enjoyed. 

This year, we want even more people to get their backside bankside and Take a Friend Fishing to show them just how easy it is to get into angling and experience the benefits of time out in nature. To relax and engage with nature and the outdoors is a rewarding experience especially with a friend. With a free one-day fishing licence from the Environment Agency worth £6.50 (coarse and non-migratory trout) or £12.60 (salmon and sea trout).