Angling and Recreation

This section covers recreational topics such as angling and management of the resource e.g. salmon. The chair of the section is Mike Lee

Section introduction

In a time when fisheries work is increasingly shifting towards fish conservation rather than the managed exploitation of a fish stock by recreational fishermen, it is important that the opinion of the angling community and the fisheries sectors the sport of angling supports are not lost.
This comes at a time when many of the new practitioners entering the sector are from “non-traditional” backgrounds. Until recently the majority of the professionals in the industry, came via an interest and passion for the pursuit of angling. This is simply not the case now.
Increasingly people managing recreational fisheries don’t have the angling background, whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. Consequently the Angling and Recreation Specialist Section is in place to ensure the voice of the angling and other related recreational sectors are heard loud and clear!
We are in a time now when many participants in the angling community particularly in the coarse angling sector believe the extent of fisheries management is simply a case of digging and heavily stocking a small Stillwater. This view has resulted in many in the angling community becoming habituated to the manicured sterility perpetuated by these kinds of fishery. Consequently many in the angling community have unfortunately lost touch with aspects of real aquatic ecology.
The Angling and Recreational Specialist section finds itself giving representation to those who find themselves in the middle of these two polarised stances. In the past we have made representations on behalf of our members on subjects from emotive issues like the coarse fish close season, and cormorant predation right through to providing angler influence on topics such as effective bio security measures for anglers and fishing in SSSIs
Whilst some of the other specialists sections have formal committees, Angling and Recreation is such a broad subject, that the section is very organic in its composition. Discussion taking place typically electronically often with other specialist sections. We pride ourselves on giving clear advice and steer based on common sense.
The section recently took the lead on the production of the IFM Guidance for fisheries during the Coronavirus pandemic

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