Results of Voting on Changes to IFM Rules

Following an Extraordinary General Meeting on 23 February, IFM members voted on changes to IFM rules, most of which were required to enable our transition to becoming a charity.

Voting finished on 14 March and the results from the 549 members who received the voting papers are as follows:

ItemVotes forVotes againstNo votes% in Favour
1.  Constitution 148 1  X99.3 
2.  Governance 148 1 X99.3 
3.  Membership categories 149 0 X100 
4.  Rules changes 149 0 X100

So, there was overwhelming support for the proposals. Thank you to everyone who voted – we’ll now continue to implement the changes from 1 April.

Some members also provided comments in support or concern about the proposals. We’ll use those to make some tweaks and enhancements to the changes and we will also reply to everyone individually who provided comments.

Thank you again for engaging in these significant changes for your Institute.

David Bunt


18 March 2021