The Dam Removal Europe report provides an overview of the number of dams, weirs and sluices in our European rivers.

There are many dams, weirs and sluices in our European rivers, and they have a strong negative impact on river ecology. On the basis of recentanalysis and field validation, it is estimated thatthere is almost one barrier for each river kilometre in Europe. A survey of nearly 1,000km of rivers across Europe, in which different databases werecombined and compared with fieldwork, was carried out for the first time, and it was concluded that thedensity of barriers was much higher than previously indicated in the usual national databases.

Key facts

  1. There is almost one dam per kilometre of river!
  2. Dams have long-term negative impacts on river landscapes, nature and fish;
  3. Dams have been useful for society, but many are now obsolete;
  4. Removing obsolete dams can be safer and cheaper than maintaining them;
  5. Experience shows that after dam removals, there have been spectacular recoveries of river habitats and returns of fish;Removing obsolete dams can be of great benefit for the identity of local communities and economies

You can read the full report here