Why Join the IFM?

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Our members have the following benefits:

  1. Training & qualification opportunities
  2. Local & regional fisheries events
  3. FISH magazine & advisory publications
  4. Continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities
  5. The Chartered Environmentalist qualification (C.Env)
  6. A responsibility to practise sustainable fisheries and environmental management
  7. 20% discount with Wiley Blackwell on the latest fisheries titles
  8. 10% discount from Thelma Biotel on their latest fish tagging and monitoring equipment

Then…..depending on what membership class you are you will also get the following benefits:

Registered members

  1. Being a members of the only professional institute focused for fisheries management in the UK
  2. Involvement with specialist groups
  3. Becoming a Chartered environmentalist
  4. The opportunity to further your fisheries knowledge with the IFM training provision
  5. Networking opportunities at events
  6. Getting involved locally at a branch level

As a registered member of the IFM you will have been involved in fisheries for some time and therefore your work will reflect your interest in the industry. As a whole the IFM can offer you the ability to network and keep up to date with the world of fisheries by attending local and regional events. At this level of membership a major benefit would be the access to the IFM diploma in fisheries management and exploring the options to become a chartered environmentalist.

Associate members

  1. Progressing towards registered member status
  2. Attending fisheries orientated events to build experience
  3. Access to the definitive starting point in fisheries training, the IFM certificate course
  4. The capability to seek advice and assistance
  5. Obtaining specialist booklets to assist in your work

Associate members are looking to progress in their career and related interests and are at a stage where the benefits of being an IFM member are most prominent. There are many opportunities to gain vital experiences and qualifications to build on your passion for fisheries. The IFM looks to support and develop its associate members to reach registered status.

Student members

  1. 1 year free membership on graduation
  2. Access to educational information to assist you in your studies
  3. Work placement contacts and opportunities to form the foundations of a career in fisheries or as related environmental discipline
  4. To gain an early insight into the industry
  5. Professional career advice from our dedicated officers
  6. Online job boards to keep an eye on

Being a student member of the IFM shows a commitment to your career path at an early stage. This means so much to your developing self and is the perfect way to begin your route through the IFM. We take student membership very seriously and have a committed officer on hand to guide you in your choices in what can be a difficult industry to progress in without this assistance.

Subscriber members

  1. To increase your knowledge of fisheries management
  2. Attending IFM short courses and training events to understand different aspects of the industry
  3. The chance to meet other people with a similar interest and join in with online forum debates
  4. To gain a sense of ownership towards the industry and the environment
  5. Access to the advisory booklets for fishery managers and anglers alike

Fisheries management is such a wide discipline and relates to many other environmental practices. To be a part of the IFM gives those with an interest the opportunity to understand the ‘bigger picture’ of both freshwater and marine fisheries and the relevant policies that are involved. If you’re looking to learn from either from a career point of view or just for the enjoyment of it then becoming a member at this level is very worthwhile.

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