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P1060151_0Membership is open to anyone with an interest in fish and fisheries, their proper management and conservation.

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Applicants, depending on their qualifications, experience and employment, can apply for one of the following categories of membership.

The first two categories would be appropriate for those persons seeking professional advancement within fisheries management.

Registered Members (M.I.F.M.)

Persons who can demonstrate a minimum of five years relevant experience in fisheries management and who

(a) hold the Diploma of the Institute or
(b) hold an appropriate degree or
(c) hold such alternative qualifications as the Council may from time to time deem appropriate.

Registered Members may apply for Chartered Environmentalist status. Acceptance as Registered Members is subject to the submission of a satisfactory CV.

Associate Members (A.M.I.F.M.)

Persons who hold hold a relevant degree, IFM Diploma or other qualification as agreed by the Council.

Affiliate Members (A.M.I.F.M.)

Persons who may be working in fisheries management in a paid or voluntary capacity and undertaking professional development within fisheries.

Student Members

Individuals involved in fisheries management and who are in full or part-time education but are not in regular, paid employment It shall be a condition of membership as a Student member that a person who ceases to qualify thereof shall advise the Membership Secretary without delay.

Subscriber Members

Individuals not qualifying for membership in any other category and having an interest in fisheries management.

Corporate Members

Bodies having an interest in fisheries management or incorporating individuals with such an interest, or sharing some common goal with the Institute. Individuals associated with Corporate Members are not entitled to the professional benefits associated with other member categories.

Three other categories, that of Fellows(FIFM), Honorary Members (Hon MIFM) and Honorary Fellows (Hon FIFM) are controlled by nomination and elected by Council.

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