If you need the services of a fisheries professional, the Institute maintains this list of members who are Chartered Environmentalists. Chartered Environmentalists have demonstrated their commitment to environmental best practice and all have a high degree of expertise in their field.

Members of the Institute are also bound by the Code of Conduct of the Institute. If you need someone to carry out fisheries work, this is the place to start.

NameSpecialismsContactContact telephone
Dr Miran AprahamianFreshwater fish ecology and managementaprahamian@dsl.pipex.com0161 9732409
Greg ArmstrongFish passagegsarmstrong123@btinternet.com01834871410 (landline); 07585704229 (mobile)
Dr Stephen AxfordFish population movements, Water Framework Directive, Rivers Trusts, Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities, Fish and fisheries research.steveaxford@madasafish.com01904 468251
Tony BostockDiffuse pollution, Riverfly monitoringarwbostock@btinternet.com tonybostock@severnriverstrust.com07817 622919
Dr Bruno BroughtonBlueprint reports on design, construction & development of new lakes & coarse fish farms;
Advice on all aspects of the management of freshwater fisheries & fish farms;
Preparation of fisheries economic & financial appraisals;
Valuation of freshwater fisheries prior to purchase, sale or lease;
Assessment of the justification of new dwellings at fisheries;
Expert witness service at planning appeals, for mediation sessions & in courts of law;
Joint carp-rearing business ventures with selected clients;
Almost 30 years self-employed experience for 1,800 clients in UK & western Europe.
bruno.broughton@virgin.net01952 691515 Mobile:  07804 651402
Dr Stuart Clough FIFMFish ecology
Fish behaviour
Fish migration
Fish passage
Fish screening
Fish swimming speeds
Fish telemetry
Fish habitat
Fish sampling and survey
Eels and eel screening

0161 442 8938
John Colton, Kingcombe Aquacare LtdDesign, construction, maintenance and management of fresh water for landscapes, fisheries, leisure and conservation (see http://www.kingcombe.com)jc@kingcombe.com+44 (0)1460 279200
Prof Ian G CowxInland Fisheries Management, Flow regulation, River Restoration, Invasive species, i.g.cowx@hull.ac.uk01482466427
Dr Nick Everall (Aquascience Consultancy Ltd)Wetland ecology and water quality condition assessmentRNAQUACONSUL@aol.com01246 239344
Dr Chris Gardner Cenv MIFM MCIEEMPractical fieldwork: tagging and telemetry ofof salmonids and coarse fish, DIDSON, ARIS, hydro-acoustics, resistivity fish counters, smolt trapping, redd counting, seine netting & electro-fishing. Report writing to peer review standard, presenting, lecturing, writing scientific papers, peer review of scientific papers, ministerial submissions, reports, letters and articles in the press. Advanced software, data analysis and statistical skills.Fish4gardner@hotmail.com
01780 782831
D-J GentWater Quality Planning, River Basin Planning, Water Resources Planning, Salmonid Management, Chalks streams, Biodiversity, Ecology dj.gent@environment-agency.gov.uk 07798 643441
Peter GoughFish stock management; natural resource solutions to maintain and restore populations ; river restoration, including connectivity and habitat solutions; fish pass design and function.peter@gough29.fslife.co.uk
Dr Keith HendryFish habitat (Salmonid & coarse)
Water quality and pollution incidents
Habitat mapping
Assessment and improvement
Survey design
Andy Hindes
Fishtrack Ltd
Fish telemetry
Fish Ecology
Fish behaviour
Fish movements
Fish passage
RFID systems
High resolution sonar-ARIS & Didson
Fish surveys
Alternative remote power and fish detection systems
Bespoke fish telemetry-fish pass monitoring systems
Tagging & surgical services
Author and all round good egg
+44 (0) 7956012529
Dr Tim JacklinBritish freshwater fisheries, habitat improvement and restoration (http://www.wildtrout.org) tjacklin@wildtrout.org07876 525457
Dr Paul JohnstonFreshwater Fisheries; Environmental Impact Assessment; Atlantic salmon; Protected Species; Habitat Enhancement; Renewable Energy Development (Wind & Hydro)pauljohnston@btinternet.com028 2858 3198;           07889 430552
Paul Knight FIFM CenvFisheries charity CEO influencing national policies over the protection of salmonid fish species and the habitats on which they depend.Paul@salmon-trout.org07711560572
Vaughan LewisRiverine habitat restoration, agriculture and its impact on watercourses, impacts of low flow, fishery surveys, crayfishvaughan@windrushaec.co.uk 01993 878573
Sean P MarriottMarine fisheries, fisheries management, marine fisheries law, EU fisheries law.seanpmarriott@yahoo.co.uk+44 (0) 1263 761373 (UK)
+30 (0) 22 22 029 094 (Greece)
John McCartneyBiologistjohn.mccartney@loughs-agency.org07736374134
Kieran McCavanaFisheries managementKieran.McCavana@doeni.gov.uk
Alan McGurdyMember of several ad hoc government fisheries legislation committees and the Irish Specimen Fish Committeeamcgurdy@yahoo.com
Gillian McCoyAquatic ecology (freshwater, estuary and marine), Fish passage and obstruction assessment/feasibility/option appraisal/full design, Intake and outlet screen design and assessment, HRA, EcIA, Case-making, Low flows, Flood alleviation schemes, Integrated Catchment Management, Ecosystem services, R&D.gillian.mccoy@jacobs.com+44 (0)7852 197941
023 8011 1253
Richard Alexander McMullanEcology, hydrology, fisheries and marine (including consulting and scoping, survey and analysis, reporting and management)info@ecofishconsultants.co.uk01698 324758
Nigel MilnerFreshwater and marine fish ecology and fisheries
Stock Assessment
Population dynamics
Habitat assessment and modelling
Life history theory and modelling
River flow requirements of fish
Acidification effects on fish
Land use impacts on aquatic ecosystems
Environmental Impact Assessment
Adrian PinderEarly development, migration, invasive species, threatened species, recreational fisheriesapinder@bournemouth.ac.uk+44 (0) 7860 781035
Robert RosellFreshwater fisheries ecology, lake fish stock assessment, commercial inland fisheries, eel stock assessmentrobert.rosell@afbini.gov.uk+44 (0) 2890 255506
Brian ShieldsSalmonid fisheries management and regulationbrian.shields@environment-agency.gov.uk02030 250449
Dr Iain Stewart-RussonFish passage
Fish screens
Fisheries engineering
PiT tagging
WFD assessment
Hydropower fisheries assessment
iain@fishtek.co.uk01865 854853
Jason WattsEnvironmental project management, Partnerships and funding.jason.watts@snh.gov.uk01463725277
Ian WellbyTraining, fish health and disease, fish telemetry and fish and habitat surveysian@blueroof.co.uk07800 632419
Dr Adrian WilliamsCarp and bream
Spined loach
Sea and river lamprey
Monitoring and survey design
Top down and bottom up lake manipulation
Whole lake restoration and stocking
Ian J WinfieldFish ecology, fish community surveys and assessments, hydroacousticsijw@ceh.ac.uk07747 532897
Alan WinstoneCatchment management, freshwater fisheries management, shellfish managementalanjwinstone@gmail.com01248 853105
Paul CoulsonTraining and development, stillwater and river fisheries management, angler engagement, stock assessment