How to become a Chartered Environmentalist


Chartered Environmentalist is offered by the Society of the Environment (SocEnv) to those members of its constituent bodies who occupy the professional grades of membership. The award will be available to IFM members who are in the Registered category and are able to meet the requirements of the Society for the Environment. Successful applicants will be those who can demonstrate that they have acquired a high standard of expertise in their field through academic study and/or substantial and varied practical experience. They will also be able to show that they are fully engaged in the practice of sustainable environmental management. The application process for Chartered status comprises two phases. The first is a written submission to the Institute as detailed in the guidance notes. Should the Membership Committee decide that this reaches the required standard you will be invited for an interview to present the contents of the report to a Professional Review Panel. This will last about an hour and will be held wherever possible in your geographical area. Those members who become Chartered Environmentalists will have to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain their chartered status.

The procedures for applying to become a Chartered Environmentalist, together with an application form, can be downloaded here as a pdf, or here as an editable word document.

For those applicants who do not hold formal qualifications it is possible to apply for CEnv by demonstrating that the applicant has experience equivalent to that of a person holding masters level qualifications. Details of the scheme are available here, and an application form can be downloaded here.

If you have any queries about the process, please contact the Development Officer, Iain Turner at

CEnv Fees

An application fee is payable at the same time as your chartership documents are submitted. If you pass the initial stage and are invited for an interview, then a professional review fee will be payable. A registration fee and annual subscription to SocEnv will be charged if you successfully obtain chartered status. The IFM will collect all fees on behalf of SocEnv.

Application fees:

Initial application fee: £25

Professional review fee:£50


If you are successful at your Professional Review Interview: First Registration to SocEnv: £70 (includes initial registration fee and annual subscription for the first year)

Membership Renewal for subsequent years: £50

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