Salmon and Sea Trout Tracking Co-ordinator

Battleby, Perthshire, Scotland

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is a leading salmon and sea trout conservation charity that seeks to improve the freshwater and marine populations of Atlantic salmon and sea trout from catchments flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. It is based in the UK but has a reach and reputation that extends around the fisheries world.

The Trust is looking to appoint a salmon and sea trout tracking co-ordinator to stimulate, develop, and where appropriate, manage fish telemetry projects and associated teams so that we may gain a better understanding of fish movements and their survival. In addition, the role will also involve informing technical and non-technical audiences about the work being undertaken by the Trust.

Whilst this exciting full-time and permanent role will be based in Battleby, Perthshire in Scotland, it will involve working in collaboration with other organisations and partners in fish telemetry projects.

The Tracking Co-ordinator will report to the CEO but will also seek guidance and support from the Trust’s Research Director and Likely Suspects Framework Principal Investigator.

General Duties

The postholder will provide the focal point for all salmon and sea trout telemetry projects within the Trust, with the aim of supporting and providing information for the Likely Suspects Framework. This will be achieved by:

  • Having an understanding of fish tracking projects in the UK and further afield, and maintaining databases to this effect.
  • Working with partners to identify gaps in our understanding of salmon and sea trout movements so that we may fill them through targeted research to better understand them and the factors affecting fish survival.
  • Where appropriate, creating and/or leading partnerships to deliver targeted research programmes.
  • Acting as a central hub of information and practical resources for organisations wanting to undertake fish telemetry projects.Specific Duties


    The postholder will act as a focal point and catalyst for fish telemetry projects, with an emphasis on fish tracking, across the UK and further afield. This will involve liaison with organisations conducting, or wishing to carry out, fish telemetry projects so that the following tasks can be achieved:

  • Identify opportunities for partnerships, cooperative working and joint projects.
  • Transfer knowledge and experience.
  • Develop links with national and international partners.
  • Maintain a watching brief on telemetry projects for other species to identify potentialapplications for new techniques or approaches.

    To achieve these aims the postholder will need to maintain an evidence base through the creation and development of a migratory salmonid fish telemetry database.


    Working with the Research Director and Likely Suspects Principal Investigator, the successful candidate will support and identify gaps in the Likely Suspects Framework so that targeted research programmes can be initiated to better understand fish movements and the factors affecting their survival. This will always be in partnership with other organisations.

    In 2020 the Tracking Co-ordinator will manage, support the project teams and subsequently expand upon the Moray Firth Tracking and West Coast Salmon Tracking Projects. These multi-partner project are the largest acoustic tracking programmes undertaken in the UK and will involve the tracking of salmon and sea trout smolts and kelts from fifteen rivers across Scotland.

    Contribute to fish telemetry projects at both a technical and project management level.

Closing Date for applications is 24th March 2020

A full job description and submission details can be found here