Bournemouth Univ ( and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust ( are advertising a fully-funded* 3 year PhD to study Atlantic salmon marine survival and factors affecting it.

Title: Predicting the Implications of Changes in Migration Phenology for the Conservation of Atlantic Salmon

Deadline: 11th March 2018

Entry requirements: A 1st class honours degree and/or a relevant Master’s degree with distinction or equivalent


The study will develop flexible multistate state-space mark-recapture models to quantify and then investigate correlates of Atlantic salmon marine survival using data collected on the river Frome, Dorset UK, with the intention of generalising findings to other rivers in Europe.

The successful candidate will have a strong numerical background and some knowledge of salmonids.

Although the student will be registered at Bournemouth Univ, they will spend up to 2/3 of their time at the FBA River Laboratory in rural Dorset:

More details can be found on the Bournemouth University website at: