IFM Survey 2019/20 – Short report on the findings

Last year the IFM Executive Committee decided that an updated survey of the fisheries profession would be both timely and informative. The survey was conducted in the form of an online questionnaire run via the Google Forms platform – it consisted of 37 questions requiring standard Yes/Noanswers, multiple choice responses, and in some cases personal opinions.It was open to both IFM members and non-members with the stated purpose to take stock and gauge opinion on how IFM should best represent the profession and develop the services it provides over the next 10-year period. The survey was launched on 13 Dec 2019 and remained open for a 13-week period closing on 6 March 2020.  A total of 260 completed questionnaires was received with returns from 140 IFM members and 120 non-members. This is a resume of the main findings.

We have now had time to crunch the numbers and produce a short report on the responses. This can be read by clicking the link below and will also appear in the next edition of FISH

The response to the survey will be used by the Institute to help form our next 5 year strategy which will be released shortly