Hinkley Point C: Screening for Cooling Water Intake

The Institute has written a response to the appeal by NNB Genco on its application to vary its permit to remove an important protection measure which is required by the current permit; that being for an acoustic fish deterrent (AFD) at its cooling water intake pipes in the Bristol Channel. The purpose of the AFD is to reduce the number of fish drawn into (and killed in) the cooling water system.

Fisheries and environmental consultants have reported on the necessity of AFD as the most suitable screening at the new cooling water intakes to protect those species and others in line with the range of protective environmental laws. This has led the Environment Agency to issue the permit with AFD as the required screening.

You can read the full letter to the Planning Inspectorate below. We would also welcome support from members in supporting our appeal to maintain the AFD on the cooling water intakes.