IFM appoints a new Policy Director

David Bunt, CEO said

“I am delighted to announce the appointment of our new Policy Director,  Marcus McAuley”.

“Marcus was previously a member of the IFM’s Policy Forum, which he will now lead and chair, and he will join the IFM’s Executive team”.

Marcus McAuley joined the then DANI (Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland) as a fisheries officer in 1987 having graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in Agriculture and Fisheries. This career path led to the post of Chief Fisheries Officer in 2006 with responsibility for salmon and inland fisheries conservation and protection, and angling development. Salmon and eel policy became the focus over the next period as NASCO developed its agreements and the EU responded to the crash in eel recruitment. Marcus has also worked in Forest Management and more recently as Strategy and Change Director with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

Marcus joined the IFM in 1991 while working at Bushmills Salmon Station on salmon management with colleagues in the Agri-Food and Biosiences Institute (AFBI). Memories of the fairground faces emerging from the mist in the dark at a IFM conference in Somerset still haunt him!

Marcus lives in Northern Ireland spending time between Enniskillen and Holywood. Spare time is taken up with running (now jogging!), music, and a bit of coarse angling on the fabulous Erne.