IFM and FSBI to form Close Working Partnership

A new collaboration to foster integration of science and policy across the fish and fisheries communities

Dear IFM Member,

Following Council meetings of the Institute of Fisheries Management and Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) we are pleased to announce a new partnership between our respective organisations.

What We Plan to Do (summary)

Joint Membership Option
A key objective for both societies is to promote dual involvement to improve the connectivity between our members by offering a dual membership package.

Increase Our Social Networking Associations
This aims to improve the signposting of opportunities available to members and greatly improve the awareness of grants and useful training courses to strengthen links between science and practice for all members.

Collaborate on Mutual Advertisement and Development of Training Events/ Workshops

We want to enhance the quality of our future workshops and events by having FSBI providing the latest research on which we can base our practical courses. Such as; How to carry out quantitative stock assessments (IFM lead) with new genetic techniques (FSBI lead).
This will provide highly valuable material that will significantly improve the experiences, collaborations and skills gained for all attending members.

Support Policies of Mutual Interest to Both Societies
This aims to increase the impact of international statements made by the societies on issues such as; climate change, marine fisheries, over-fishing, invasive species, environmental impacts, habitat and biodiversity loss.

Read the in-depth breakdown of the new collaboration below

With best wishes to all
David Bunt, on behalf of the IFM Council