After another very successful specialist conference held in York, you can now access the presentations from the two day conference.

Harriet Orr      Environment Agency     Keynote Address

Dave Ottewell     Natural England     Developing a coherent approach to priority river and lake habitats

Jack Bloomer     Tyne Rivers Trust     Potential impacts of a changing climate on the survival of salmonid ova

Ian Cowx     University of Hull     Global implications of the ENSO events on inland fisheries

Paul Phillips     University of Hull     Impacts of and recovery from droughts in regulated and unregulated rivers

Stephen Gregory     GWCT     Environmental drivers of salmonid recruitment in Wales

Nigel Milner     APEM     How do river flows affect salmon migration

Simon Whitton     APEM     River restoration measures to help fish in a changing climate

Tom House     Arup     Drawing down the risk – protecting fish populations during reservoir drawdown

Hamish Moir    CBEC     Practical experience of design, implementation and monitoring of large wood structures

Elly Andison     Environment Agency   Environment Agency approach to beaver introduction

Carlos Alonso     Universidad Poliecnica de Madrid   Combined effects of intensity and timing of floods

Tim Stone     Yorkshire Water     Fisheries and habitat response to flow regulation in a reservoir

Faye Jackson    Marine Scotland Science    Scotland river temperature monitoring network

Katie Burnham     JBA     Selworthy: Further continuation of natural flood management measures in Exmoor

Mark Warren    Environment Agency    Fish hydroecology in the Environment Agency

Rachelle Ngai     JBA     Economics of land use change

Louise Ramsay    Scottish Beaver Project   Rewilding, river restoration and beavers in Scotland

Nicola Teague & Tom Elmitt   APEM & Welsh Water   Use of a multi-disciplinary approach to adjust abstraction regime for the protection shad  

Iain Russon     Fishtek     Successful elver passage through a flap valve installed in a tidal gate damper

Jonathan Bolland    Hull University    The efficacy of reservoir freshet releases of varying profiles

Jon Whitmore    JBA     CDM and fish pass design

Graeme Peirson    Environment Agency    Coarse fish in English rivers, climate change, flows and floodplains

Stephen Gregory   GWCT     Why are our grayling getting shorter

Jonathan Gillson     CEFAS     Identifying important aspects of the discharge regime

Paul Gratton    APEM     Development of a fish habitat mapping tool to assess flow changes on fish habitat