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Turn of the Tide; Marine organisms in an ocean of change

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20 April 2022


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Turn of the Tide; Marine organisms in an ocean of change

The 18th MBA non-profit post graduate conference is hosted by Liverpool John Moores University.

It will be the first hybrid MBA conference offering both in-person and online access to all three days of the event!

Online registration to the streamed event is open to all ages and FREE!


We have one main topic which will span the first day and a half and two half day topics

1.Turn of the Tide; Marine organisms in an ocean of change

This main topic is all about past, present and future change at the species level (e.g. genetic, behavioural) and/or ecosystem level (e.g. trophic ecology, hydrology).

For this topic the changes can have different abiotic/biotic and natural/human caused drivers.

There are 3 main sub-themes for postgraduate speakers to apply for, based on the location of their research;

1) Estuary/ Coastal environments

2) The Open Ocean (Pelagic and Demersal environments)

3) Abyssal/ Deep Sea environments

2. Media Schooling; How to develop your online presence as an academic 

Science and communication has become a key foundation in helping many academics propel their career. Especially during the pandemic where online networking has become pivotal for many projects.  For this topic we will have some top keynote speakers on how to develop your online presence through all media channels and communicate your work to both the academic community and the general public.

3. Citizen Science in Marine Biology

Citizen science in the past 10 years has made continuous leaps and bounds, this topic we will have keynote citizen science experts to discuss the best practice for developing a marine biology citizen science project and will also invite other post graduate speakers to talk about their citizen science experiences and projects.

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