Practical River Works a best practice design and build event 

Delivering sustainable river engineering works: client and regulator requirements for concept development, design and construction that consider natural processes. 

Topics to be covered include: 
• solving river engineering problems using natural processes • stable design in steep channels • engineering with trees • adding natural process/ form into SUDS • cost benefit • environmental sustainability • licensing and consents

Engineering works are often required where built infrastructure such as roads, railways, pipelines, cables and buildings interact with rivers and their floodplains. While such works must deliver a practical outcome, there is an increasing requirement that they are sustainable in the longer term and sensitive to the natural environment.
The event will describe the background to such an approach to river works, the advantages of its application, the regulatory/ legislative context and provide examples of design/ construction methods (including case studies, both successful and unsuccessful). A significant part of the event will be site visits to some of the case studies to help with visualisation and understanding. 

Such objectives are best achieved by working with river processes, producing solutions that aim to reproduce/ reinstate the natural form and function of stable channel flood plain systems. This approach is now at the heart of decision making by regulatory bodies. 

To express interest for this event, please send an email to or call 01463 718 831