A national inclusive event hosted by the Institute of Fisheries Management

This workshop is part of a series of free events on integrated catchment delivery. For more information please visit the project website Integrated Catchment Delivery Events purpose: Over 360 people have attended the first six events, this has enabled us to:

  • Share evidence, good practice and embed learning at a catchment scale and
  • Build future relationships between communities, institutes and partnerships

Shared IFM Midlands workshop goals  

  1. Inspiring and motivating people to achieve great fish passage projects
  2. Better understanding of fish passage and wider benefits to people and wildlife from working to shared visions and common goals
  3. How to open up fish passage innovatively working with others
  4. Overcoming barriers to delivery and capitalise on future opportunities
  5. Connecting people to make this happen

Outputs available after the event on the River Restoration Centre website:

  • Presentations
  • Web links to useful information

The full programme can be downloaded here