In Spring each year, SFCC and IFM run a join workshop and this year we are holding an event with the aim of sharing new mapping approaches and their application to fisheries management. The aim is also to share recent advances in data availability and showcase the online mapping technology available to fisheries/rivers Trusts through their existing non-profit programme subscriptions.

Speakers from a number of organisations will be in attendance including:
  • West Country Rivers Trust
  • SEPA
  • CEH
  • Esri
  • Tweed Foundation
  • Leica Geosystems
  • SNH
  • APEM Ltd
  • and more…..

Sessions will cover

  1. Introduction to mapping and Geographical Information Systems
  2. Mapping case studies
  3. Outdoor field data collection workshop
  4. Mapping data availability
  5. Introduction to web mapping
  6. Advanced and future mapping techniques mini workshop

The programme for the two days can be found below

Mapping Fisheries WorkshopProgramme Edinburgh March 1st-2nd