Integrating recreational sea angling into inshore fisheries management

Libby will review the formation of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (IFCAs) to manage and develop the inshore fisheries sector, with their key remit of balancing the needs of different users of sea fisheries resources in their district whilst ensuring exploitation is sustainable.

She will discuss how the Devon & Severn IFCA has highlighted recreational sea angling (RSA) as a key sector for development and the development of its RSA strategy, laying out how the IFCA will work with anglers in the future. This involves creation of Angling Zones which give angling ‘priority use’ and includes voluntary agreements to exclude conflicting fishing gear types. She will explain how the IFCA plans to monitor angler use and perception of these sites and how such information could be used to promote socio-economic benefits to the district by boosting the number of local anglers and encouraging angling tourism. 


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