The crucian carp is a beautiful small, greeny-gold cyprinid fish. Prior to the 1970s- 80s, crucians were common in eastern England and in Norfolk ‘corner of the corn field’ crucian fishing became an important part of local culture. But, as agriculture intensified and ponds were lost and abandoned, crucian populations (and crucian fishing) have gone the same way, with a steep and widespread decline evident. Reacting to this the crucian carp was established as a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species in Norfolk in 2010, and since this time, strong efforts have been made to bring the species back.

In this presentation Carl will explore the history of the crucian carp in England, travelling back to the first references of the species. He will highlight the work of the Norfolk Crucian Carp project, including the hunt for the species based on much rural detective work, pond restoration approaches and the success of recent crucian re- introductions. 

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