Joe Pecorelli (ZSL, CSP Project Leader)
Citizen Science Programmes aim to encourage public participation and community engagement in scientific research and monitoring. 
Joe will discuss what citizen science is all about, the development of CSPs and why so many conservation organisations are employing them to help deliver elements of their work – especially in integrated catchment-based river management and delivery of the WFD.  
The talk will focus on two practical ZSL case studies; monitoring the migration of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in the Thames and tributaries and working with the Riverfly Partnership to bring the River Monitoring Initiative to more London Rivers.   
As an addition, we are delighted to include a short presentation on another Citizen Science Programme, presented by
Charlotte Hall of Earth Watch 
This is an international research project that aims to involve 100,000 people in 25 cities around the world in a program to learn about and safeguard the quality and supply of freshwater in the future.

Full programme details can be found here