The Institute will be hosting a one-day workshop on the management of problematic aquatic plants in stillwaters.

The management of aquatic vegetation is a continuing problem that many fisheries struggle with. By convening this workshop, the IFM aims to pass on valuable information to allow angling clubs to better manage their waters.

Speakers will cover a number of topics throughout the day including

  • Plant biology
  • Creating balanced fisheries
  • Invasive non-native species
  • Using technology to measure aquatic plants
  • The future of herbicides
  • The use of dyes
  • Benthic barriers
  • Mechanical removal
  • Algae control

There will also be a number of trade stands where delegates can get further information.

The event will be held at the Holmfirth Civic Hall on the 9thof February and is funded by the Environment Agency through rod licence income.

For further details, or to register for a place, email Paul Coulson at the IFM on