The course has been fully revised to reflect the changes in regulations for fish passage design and construction. 

The course is delivered by industry experts and covers a wide range of topics as well as hands on practical’s and field trips.

The aim of the course is to pass on the essential knowledge needed to allow the correct design, construction and assessment of fish passes to be achieved. 

Topics to be covered over the 2 days

  • Overview of current regulations
  • Current fish pass designs – including best practices and common problems
  • Construction Design Management (CDM) and Designing for safety
  • Implication of CDM on the effective design of eel passes, where Health and Safety causes issues
  • Deigning for longevity as well effectiveness
  • Requirements of fish and eels at fish passes
  • Key Design Considerations 
  • Suitability of Materials and installation techniques based on geography
  • Combined fish and eel passes
  • Project monitoring

The second day also includes a field trip to look at a number of different fish passes including the Wissey Siphon.