Due to popular demand, we are repeating again a visit we first made in 2012. Dr Fiona Haughey is an Archaeologist & Archaeological Illustrator and Director of the Archaeology on the Thames Project. Come with us as we amble along the foreshore at low tide in Central London, while Fiona regales us with the fascinating history of the tidal Thames through the perspective of foreshore archaeology. Commonly seen on programmes such as Time Team, archaeology usually involves digging or remote sensing. What we are looking for are artefacts on the surface, easily accessible if you know where to search. You may have seen them, and assumed it was modern debris! Some of that “debris” relates to past fisheries operating on the city reaches of the river.

We are meeting at the steps down to the foreshore near the Founders Arms on the south bank at Bankside. We will then walk the foreshore down through the city to Globe Stairs, ending in a riverside pub. This visit is really worthwhile!

We will have to limit numbers to 16 for safety reasons. Please respond to the Hon. Sec. at the address below if you wish to attend. The visit is free to current Branch members, there will be a small charge of £10 for non-Branch members. This charge provides Branch membership for the remainder of the year and access to further events.

Full details can be found here