8th Annual IFM Specialist Conference – Fisheries Management in Estuarine and Coastal Waters

This year’s IFM specialist conference will be focused on the management of estuarine and coastal waters in the UK and beyond, and will be hosted by the Institutes Estuarine and Marine Specialist Section.

The marine environment, its management, and conservation has taken centre stage over the past year, thanks to programmes such as The Blue Planet and the public outcry over the amount of plastic and other waste in our seas.

We have seen the designation of more Marine Protection Zones, as well as the production of the UK Governments 25 Year Plan, all aimed at creating a cleaner and fully functioning environment in both the marine and terrestrial context.

The conference will bring together speakers from across the UK to discuss a range of key topics relating to the management of marine waters from the estuary to the sea.

Conference Sessions will cover

  • Challenges in Marine Fisheries Management
  • Migratory and Estuarine Species
  • Survey Methods, Citizen Science and Partnerships
  • Assessment of Estuarine and Coastal Fish Communities
  • Shellfish Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • MPA’s, Climate Change and Habitat Creation


The full programme can be downloaded here

The conference is kindly supported by