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Eel Town Fall Conference 2020

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29 November 2020


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Programme and Information

The IFM is pleased to be supporting the Eel Town Fall Conference for 2020.
After a very difficult year we felt that it was time for another afternoon of eely interaction. Once again we have put together a very interesting programme featuring speakers from around the world.
The programme will feature
  • Nick Walker (The Mayor of Eel Town)
  • Jonas Elghagen
  • Herman Wanningen
  • Céline Hanzen
  • Amanpreet Kohli
  • Pieterjan Verhelst

We still have space for more speakers so if you would like to give either a full 20 minute presentation, or a lightening 5 minute presentation, please get in touch with Kristen Steele on [email protected]

Please provide the title of your talk and a short abstract is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to eel conservation and citizen science education. Our work is funded through donations. Become an Eel Town citizen today for only £20 a year and receive our upcoming Eel Town magazine. You can make a donation to support the work of Eel Town on the registration page 

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