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Fish, Fisheries and Ecosystems in the Anthropocene

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5 July 2021


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Ecosystems have played a crucial role in the functioning of the Blue Planet through the linking of the abiotic and biotic components with nutrient cycles and energy flows.

While the importance of ecosystem interactions is increasingly acknowledged, freshwater and marine ecosystems remain unfortunately understudied. The role of fish in the natural environment, acknowledged for long but not always properly understood, receives a reappraisal through the consequences of regime shifts, the role of microbiomes, the influence of pathogens and symbionts on meta-communities, the evolution of ecosystems and the role of biota in global functioning. Adapted techniques such as microchemistry, –omics, modeling, data analysis and data management have given ecosystem research and the role of fish a new impetus.

It is time to bring the scientific community together for a state-of-the-art meeting. In addition humans have a large impact on the functioning of ecosystems, so much that the proper functioning of ecosystems is changing fast, probably too fast. Fish and fisheries biologists increasingly collaborate with social scientists and society towards a sustainable and equitable use of the living natural resources.

The 2021 Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (5th-8th July) focuses on the functional role of fish and fisheries in aquatic ecosystems, at a time when the impact of man has never been so extensive. Topics range from the fundamental to the applied, from a small to a large scale, from the past to the future, provided that fish and fisheries take a prime role.

The symposium will be organized virtually in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. An adapted program with real time and preregistered presentations, award ceremonies, break-out rooms, meet the speaker, FSBI Annual General Meeting, poster sessions and informal meetings will be organized. The organisers will do their utmost best to make the meeting as inclusive and personal as possible. Special attention will be paid to junior and disadvantaged researchers. The registration process for the oral and poster presentations proceeds as scheduled in format and timing.


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