Canal and River Trust. Fisheries and Angling Advisory Group. New Members Wanted

The focus of this Advisory Group is on strategic and technical issues relating to the challenges of managing 2,000 miles of artificial and heavily modified waterways for a wide range of public benefits. We host over 10 million people every year who make 250 million individual visits on foot, bike, by boat and to fish. We are the largest owners of fishing rights in the UK and the replacement value of our fish stock assets is around £40 million. Many of our fisheries are SSSI’s. Our issues include angling development and the lack of the next generation coming into canal fishing, protected species, non-native invasive species, water quality; fisheries habitat management; fish passage and the numerous customer-related issues that have been identified and appear in our local Fisheries & Angling Action Plans.  

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Members are appointed by the Chief Executive and serve for terms of up to 3 years which are renewable. Generally, members will serve no more than 2 terms.

The Trust is now looking for a new member to join the Fisheries & Angling Advisory Group from March 2021. 

The Group typically meets 3 times a year. Matters to be considered are jointly agreed by the Group members and the National Fisheries & Angling Manager, and the Group reports regularly to the Chief Executive on its advice and recommendations.

Skills required

We’re looking for candidates with recognised expertise in one or more of the following areas:
• Freshwater fisheries management
• Freshwater fisheries and conservation
• Angling development & coaching
• Commercial fisheries management
• Angling Club administration and development
• Angling, health and wellbeing
• Fisheries and angling history and heritage
• Competition Angling on canals, rivers and commercial fisheries

• wide experience of legislation, public engagement or policy-making in the environmental sphere
• fundraising and volunteering
• community engagement
• wider partnership working in areas such as heritage, environment, community development, sustainable transport, leisure, arts, sport.

Those interested must be able to work effectively with the rest of the group and management team. We ask all to act in the best interests of the waterways rather than representing any particular interests/causes or their employer.

Full details and the application form are available on the C&RT website