Wildlife and Countryside Link Consultation Responses

The Institute is one of 47 organisations that make up Wildlife and Countryside Link (Link). The  47 members collectively employ over 11,000 full-time staff, have the help of 174,000 volunteers and the support of over 8 million people in the UK.  Members are united by their common interest in the conservation and enjoyment of the natural and historic environment.

Together they are the joint voice of the environment sector.

As a member of Link we benefit from the work that they do to make the government, and other related agencies, aware of the environment and any impacts their work may have on it.

We have added our name to a number of consultation responses, letters and policy documents generated through Link. You can see the very latest ones below

  • 25 Year Environment Plan Briefing Paper for House of Lords –  Document
  • Consultation on revisions to marine licencing exemptions – Document