IFM Council

The Council of the Institute is the main decision-making body. It has a membership of fifteen, elected by members at each Annual Meeting. Council members serve for three years but are eligible for re-election each time. There are also non-elected Vice Presidents (former Chairs) and a number of elected Vice-Presidents who may attend Council. The Council meets twice yearly, in January and July.

The current members of the Council are:

Peter Spillett – President
Steve Axford – Vice President

Ian Dolben – Director of Membership (Vice President)
John Gregory – Executive Officer and Hon Secretary (Vice President)

John Solbe – Vice President

Brian Stott – Vice President

David Bunt – Vice Chair
Jim Gregory – Vice Chair
Hannah Barclay
Paul Knight
Richard Noble – Treasurer

Jim Lyons
Alan Butterworth
Alistair Maltby

Keith Hendry
Paul Johnston
Shaun Leonard
Nicola Teague

Elected Vice-Presidents

David Cragg-Hine
A. Neville-Jones

Valerie Holt

Robin Welcomme


Paul Coulson – Director of Operations

Iain Turner – Development Officer

Branches can nominate a representative to attend Council meetings.