Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a sub-committee of the Institute Council, and is empowered to take decisions between Council meetings. The Executive meets four times per year at venues around England.

Chairman of Council – David Bunt

Executive Director – Lawrence Talks

Director of Operations  – Paul Coulson

Director of Training – Ian Wellby
Director of Finance – Ian Dolben
Director of Membership –  Paul Johnston
Irish representative – Paul Johnston
Scottish representative – Keith Williams

The President and non-elected Vice Presidents may attend the meeting of the Executive Committee and also the Director of Operations

Other sub-committees:

Training Committee
Chair Ian Wellby

Committee members: Pete Turner (Certificate Course Manager), Iain Turner (Diploma Course Manager), Mike Lee (Careers Officer), Sean Leonard, Brian Knights, Chris Goldspink (Internal Verifier), Nicola Teague, Chris Gardner (CPD Officer), Josie Pegg, Sam Chapman, Scott West, Chris Williams, Emma Keenan (Chartership Officer), Steve Colclough, Natalie Angelopoulos, Jim Lyons.

Chairman of Council, Exec Director, Director of Operations and Development Officer ex-officio.
Membership Committee

The TOR state that it be chaired by a Vice President.

Chairman – Steve Axford (VP)

Executive Director
Vice Chair of Council – Jim Gregory
Director of Membership  – Paul Johnston

Other members appointed by Council
Fellowship Committee

(All must be Fellows of the Institute)

And five other fellows present at the time of the meeting