Due to the completely different fisheries legal system in Scotland, IFM Scottish Branch operates at national level and engages effectively with the Scottish Government as a lobby Group in its own right on a whole range of fisheries issues. It is a respected organisation and has a sound working relationship with the Scottish Government and a wide range of other fisheries stakeholders.

Officers and contact details

Chair: Currently vacant
Secretary: Lorraine Hawkins
Treasurer: Edward Rush

Bailiff training

Edward Rush is the person to contact for bailiff training in Scotland and he can be reached here

2018 Accounts and Training Update

IFM accounts expenses

IFM accounts income

Training year report

2017 Bailiff conference incorporating the branch AGM

This event provides bailiffs across Scotland the opportunity to get together to undergo practical training and share best practice and experience. The annual bailiff examination is also hosted at the same time, together with briefing sessions for candidates. Whilst the ASFB and IFM support and fund the event, it is hosted and organised by local partners and each year will see a different river hosting the event. For more information please click here

Scottish Branch response to Wild Fisheries Review and Reform
  • Click here to see the branch involvement in the process
  • Click here to see the latest information on Wild Fisheries Reform
  • Click here to see the July 2014 response
Scottish Branch response to Rural Affairs, Climate Change & the Environment Parliamentary Committee (2015)
  • Click here to see the response
Scottish Branch response to Aquaculture & Fisheries consultation (2012)
  • click here to see the branch response.
    • IFM Code of Good Practice for Freshwater Fisheries Management Part 1
    • This Code of Good Practice has been produced by the Institute of Fisheries Management (Scottish Branch). It is the first in a series that is hoped will ultimately cover the management of all freshwater fish in Scotland. Its origins lie in the decision of the Scottish Freshwater Fisheries Forum that a Code of Good Practice for local managers should be produced. Please feel free to download and distribute at will