Aims and Objectives



  • Promote, facilitate and influence the best possible standards of fisheries management across the British Isles.
  • Provide the technical and general knowledge necessary for competent fisheries management.
  • Be the organisation of choice for evidence-based advice and guidance for sustainable fisheries management.
  • Be the membership body of choice for fisheries managers, and to provide good value fisheries management services to members and customers of the Institute.


  • To exchange and circulate information, ideas and practical experience on all matters relating to fisheries and their management.
  • To admit students to the Institute and to increase the number of professionally qualified fisheries managers through the provision of training courses.
  • To designate the categories of membership appropriate to the experience, qualifications and contribution of members to the profession and determine the letters that may be placed after the names of members indicating these designations.
  • To establish and maintain an appropriate Branch and Specialist section structure to meet the local, specialist and overall needs of fisheries interests.
  • To promote the interests of members.
  • To co-operate with other institutions and associations in order to achieve common goals.

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